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"Without Prejudice"


It seemed there was a historic and family history interest in knowing about cemeteries and graveyards in Chatham-Kent.

To the best of our knowledge, with months of effort and research lists of known or suspected current or historic gravesites in Kent County were prepared either from visitation to the site or from public-knowledge sources such as "Romantic Kent", published topographic maps, etc.
The then-existing list was made available to people through one group. Seemingly they decided it didn't meet their standards and so trashed it.

With much work the list was in the process of re-construction. It was made available (but not given) to a person of another group. Seemingly that group might now consider it falls within their "confidentiality guidelines".

So, for the time being, the list at this location has been revised to just show a list of known and suspected cemeteries and burial places in Kent County
Would suggest you direct your queries to
Kent Genealogical Society
OR CK Cemeteries

To any who have a need to know OR think they have a need to know:

????? Burying Ground  [???Lot  7 Con.  2 RTS], Harwich
two graves of cremated remains [Highbanks], Raldigh
3 graves  [Lot 17 Con.  3]. Chatham Twp.
7th Line Baptist Cemetery, Raleigh

Abandoned Cemetery (Slave), Chatham Twp.
Abandoned Cemetery [Lot 25 Con.  2], Howard
Abandoned Cemetery (Campbell) [Lot 25 Con.  2]. Howard
Abandoned Cemetery [Lot  5 Block Con.], Howard                                                                                              
Abandoned Cemetery [Lot  1 Con.  2], Orford
abt  483 King St. W., Chatham Town, Raleigh
ancient Indian Burial Ground [(1975) Library Lot, Wallaceburg], Chatham Twp.
Anti Slavery Baptist Church Cemetery, Raleigh
Arnold Burying Ground, Howard
Arnold Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Arnold Mill Cemetery, Howard

BAI's Cemetery Reserve, Camden
Baldoon farm cemetery, Dover
Battle of the Thames burials, Zone
Bethel Cemetery, Harwich
Big Point Cemetery, Dover
Bishop Cemetery, Dover
Blackburn Cemetery / Union Burial Grounds, Camden
Blackburn Union Burial Grounds, Camden
Burgess Cemetery, Tilbury East
Botany United -- Methodist, Howard
Botany United -- Presbyterian, Howard
Bothwell Cemetery, Zone
Broadbent Cemetery, Raleigh
Brown Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Brown Drain Cemetery, Dover
British American Institute Cemetery, Camnden
British Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, Raleigh 
Burch Cemetery, Orford
Burk Cemetery, Harwich
Bury Cemetery, Orford
Busy Bee Memorial Cemetery, Raleigh
Butler Cemetery, Camden
Button Cemetery, Howard
Button-McKinlay Cemetery, Howard
Buxton Cemetery, Raleigh

Campbell Cemetery [Beechwood Line], Howard
Campbell private cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Campbell Cemetery (abandoned), Howard
Campbell Cemetery, Howard
Carey Cemetery, Harwich
Carey Cemetery, Howard
Charing Cross Methodist/United Cemetery, Raleigh
Carr Cemetery, Tilbury East
Cashmere Cemetery, Middlesex Co.
Chase Family Cemetery, Harwich
Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Camden
Christ Church Anglican Cemetery [Ouvry], Raleigh
Cimetiere Saint Philippe Roman Catholic, Dover
Clark Cemetery (1), Howard
Clarke's Cemetery (2), howard
Clark Cemetery (3), Howard
Coatsworth Cemetery, Romney
Craford Cemetery, Raleigh
Crawford Cemetery, Dover
Crawford Farm burial, Orford
Cromwell Cemetery, Raleigh
Crow Cemetery, Raleigh

Dawn Mills Cemetery, Camden
Deshane Family Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Dalston cemetery, Raleigh
Danforth Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Desmond (Farslow) Cemetery, Camden
Desmond/Farslow/Traxler Cemetery, Camden
Desmond Farslow Cemetery, Camden
Desmond - Farslow Cemetery, Camden
Dolsen Cemetery, Raleigh
Dolsen Chapel Cemetery, Raleigh
Dr. Anslem Guthrie grave, Orford
Doyle Cemetery, Raleigh
Duart Cemetery, Orford
Dresden Cemetery, Camden

Eelaaxiimwiing "Resting Place", Orford
Eberle Cemetery, Orford
Erie Cemetery, Romney
Evergreen Cemetery, Harwich
Everitt Cemetery, Howard

Fairview Cemetery, Essex Co.
Fairview Memorial Gardens, Harwich
Field Cemetery, Harwich
First Union Church of British North America Cemetery, Raleigh
Fisher homestead farm graves, Chatham Twp.
Ford Cemetery [ELGIN CO.]
Foster graves, Dover Twp.
Freeman Cemetery, Raleigh
French's Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Front Ridge Cemetery, Harwich

Gadd Cemetery, Howard
Gardiner Cemetery, Middlesex Co.
Gadd’s Baptist Cemetery, Howard
Gee Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
George Conrad Sicklesteel, Chatham-Kent
Gibson Cemetery, Camden
Gosnell Farm Cemetery, Orford
Gosnell United Cemetery, Orford
Green Burying Ground, Chatham Twp.
Green Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Green Family Plot, Chatham Twp.
Greenwood (Memorial) Cemetery, Howard
Grieve grave, Tilbury East

Hall family grave(s), Ralelgh
Hammel Cemetery, Howard
Handsor Cemetery, Dover
Hansen Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Hartley family Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Heatherington Cemetery, Romney
Henson Burial Ground Cemetery, Camden
Henson Family Cemetery, Camden
Heward Cemetery, Romney
Highgate United Church Gosnell, Orford
Hill's Family Cemetery, Orford
Hind Cemetery, Dover
Holmes Burying Ground, Harwich
Holmes/Smith Burying Ground, Harwich
Houston private burying-ground, Chatham Twp.
Howard Bridge Cemetery, Howard.
Hutberg Cemetery, Zone
Hutsberg Cemetery, Zone
Hyatt Cemetery, Dover

Immaculate Conception Roman Cath.Cemetery, Dover
Indian "chief" re-interred, Chatham Twp.
Indian Village, Orford
Isaac Dolsen, Chatham-Kent

Jack Hill Cemetery, Dover
Jack's Hill Cemetery, Dover
Jackson Cemetery [Blenheim], Harwich
Jackson Cemetery, Romney
Jackson Private Cemetery, Romney
James Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Jenkins family graves, Chatham Twp.
Jeannette's Creek -- a lone grave reported, Tilbury East
Jenner Family Cemetery, Raleigh
Jenner-Stewart Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Jenner's Cemetery, Raleigh
John McMillan Stone (? & grave?), Harwich
Johnson Cemetery, Camden
Johnston Cemetery, Camden
Julien Cemetery, Howard
Julien Cemetery, Romney

Kerby Cemetery, Chatham-Kent
Keyes Cemetery, Orford
Knight Cemetery, Howard
Knight's Cemetery, Howard

Lamport graves, Zone
Lemuel Sherman's grave, Camden
Lenover Cemetery, Howard
Little-Mickle Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Little Mickle Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Lot 26 WCR, Harwich
Loucks Cemetery, Orford
Louisville area graves, Chatham Twp.

McAuley Cemetery, Camden
McBrayne Cemetery, Harwich
McDarmid/McDiarmid Cemetery, Howard
McDiarmid Cemetery, Howard
McDonald (Snye) Cemetery, Chatham-Twp.
McDougall Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
McGarvin Cemetery, Harwich
McGregor Cemetery, Harwich
McIntire / Mc Intyre Cemetery, Harwich
McIntyre Burying Ground, Harwich
McKenzie Cemetery, Dover
McKinlay Cemetery, Howard
McMillan Cemetery, Orford
McMullin (Traxler) Cemetery, Harwich
McMullin--Traxler Cemetery, Harwich
McVicar Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
McVicar Necropolis, Chatham Twp.
Malott Cemetery, Tilbury East
Maple Leaf Cemetery, Harwich
Maple Leaf/St. Anthony’s Cemetery, Harwich
Marsh farm grave area, Howard
Massacre At Baptiste Creek site (Til. E.?)
Matthew Dolsen grave  (? & others). Dover
Mayhew-Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Camden
Merlin Cemetery, Raleigh
Methodist Church Cemetery, Raleigh
Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery, Camden
Mill's Cemetery, Orford
Mitton Cemetery, Howard
Moorehouse Cemetery, Orford
Moraviantown Cemetery, Orford
Moravian-Delaware Burial Ground, Zone
Morehouse Cemetery, Orford
Morpeth Cemetery, Howard
Mr. Hodges burial ground, Raleigh.
Myrick Cemetery, Howard

New Fairfield Cemetery, Oford
Negro Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Nevills Family Cemetery, Camden
Nevill's Cemetery, Camden
Newcombe Cemetery, Harwich
NewCombe Cemetery, Harwich
North Buxton Baptist Memorial Cemetery, Raleigh
North Buxton British Methodist Cemetery, Raleigh
Noltie Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Northwood Cemetery, Harwich
Nowlan(d) Cemetery, Chatham Twp.OR Camden Twp.

O'Neill's Cemetery, Camden
Ogletree (Ogiltree) Cemetery, Howard
Old Dresden Cemetery (1), Camden
"Old" Dresden Cemetery (2), Camden
Old Maple Leaf Cemetery, Harwich
Old Ridgetown Cemetery, Howard
Oldfield Methodist Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Oldfield United Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Orchard Place burial ground, Chartham Twp.
Overstreet - Hanson  Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Owen Cemetery, Dover

Paincourt Roman Catholic Cemetery, Dover 
Palmyra Cemetery, Orford
Pardoville Union Cemetery, Raleigh
Patrick McGarvin, Chatham-Kent
Paupers' graves & tombstones [Blenheim], Harwich
Peck family cemetery, Raleigh
"Pioneer & 1813 Battle Cemetery", Town of Chatham
Phillip’s Cemetery, Camden
Phillips Cemetery, Camden
Pioneer Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Potter's Field (outside the Town of Chatham), Harwich
Presbyterian Burial Ground, Chatham Town, Harwich

Rankin Family Cemetery, Dover
Reid's ??  [former slaves buried] Cemetery, Harwich
Renwick Cemetery, Romney
Renwick Private Cemetery, Romney
Restored Johnston Cemetery, Camden
Reynolds Cemetery, Harwich
Richardson cemetery, Harwich
Ridgetown (old) Cemetery, Howard
Riverview Cemetery    (Wallaceburg), Chatham Twp.
Riverside Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Riverview Mausoleum   (Wallaceburg), Chatham Twp.
Roe Family graves, Raleigh
Romney Pioneer Cemetery, Romney
Rosedale Cemetery, Tilbury East
Rushton Cemetery, howard

St. Anthony's (Old) Cemetery, Harwich                                                                                                                                          
St. Anthony's Cemetery and Annex, Harwich
St. Anthony (RC), Harwich
St. Charles Roman Catholic Cemetery, Tilbury East
St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, Essex Co.
St. Ignatius Roman Catholic Cemetery, Zone
St. Joseph's Burial Mound, Harwich
St. Joseph's Church Cemetery, Raleigh
St. Paul's (New) Roman Catholic Cemetery, Camden
St. Pauls (Old) Roman Catholic Cemetery, Camden
St. Paul's Church Cemetery, Town of Chatham
St. Michael's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Howard
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Raleigh
St. Peter's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Tilbury East
St. Thomas Anglican Cemetery, Dover
St. Phillippe Roman Catholic Cemetery, Dover

Salem Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Scane (Shene) Cemetery, Howard
Second Baptist Church Cemetery, Raleigh
Shadd Farm Cemetery, Raleigh
Shanks Cemetery, Romney
Shaw Cemetery, Camden
Shawbank Cemetery, Camden
Shepley Burying Ground, Harwich
Sheply Family graves, Raleigh
Sherman Cemetery, Camden
Shewburg Cemetery, Howard
Shrewsbury Baptist Cemetery, Harwich
Shrewsbury Bapt & Meth Cemetery, Harwich
Shrewsbury Community Cemetery, Harwich
Shrewsbury Methodist Cemetery, Harwich
Skane/Scane Cemetery, Howard
Smith Grave Yard, Howard
Smith - Hopper Burying Ground, Chatham Twp.
South Buxton Cemetery, Raleigh
Stewart Cemetery, Tilbury East
Stouffel's family graves, Camden
Stover Cemetery, Raleigh

Taff Cemetery, Harwich
Thamesview Lodge Cemetery, Dover
tombstone found in excavation [Blenheim], Harwich
Traxler Cemetery, Harwich
Traxler--Merritt Burying Ground/Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Howard
Troyer Cemetery, Orford
Tupperville .. single grave, Chatham Twp.
Tupperville Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
Tyler Cemetery, Harwich

unidentified cemetery [Lot 12 Con.  4 Gore], Chatham Twp.
unknown name Cemetery [Lot  6 Con.  5]. Chatham Twp.
unknown name Cemetery [~Lot  _ Con.  7]. Chatham Twp.
Union Burial Grounds, Camden
U.P. Church burial ground, Chatham Twon, Harwich

Van Horne Cenetery, Harwich
pre-Victoria Cemetery, Tilbury East
Victoria Cemetery [Baddertown], Tilbury East

Wallace Cemetery, Camden
Water Street Cemetery (Wallaceburg), Chatham Twp.
Wees' Cemetery, Chatham Twp.
West Bothwell Cemetery, Zone
Wilkins Expedition graves, Howard
Willcox farm cemetery  [Lot 18 Con.  4], Raleigh
Williams Cemetery, Howard
Wolf Creek Cemetery (1), Harwich
Wolf Creek Cemetery (2), Harwich
Wolfe Creek Cemetery (3), Harwich
Woodland Burial Ground, Harwich

Young's Cemetery, Camden