Sometimes it may seem easier to just "go with the flow". It certainly makes it easier for those who want to change things; to people who want to re-interpret the Scriptures or change the "rules", etc. (or provide their own "spin" on the "rules").

With regard to the Scriptures, the Word of God which abides forever -- we should do as the Bereans; we should "search the Scriptures daily" to see whether what we are told is true or not.

With regard to "rules", perhaps we need to abide by the "rules" ... but sometimes the interpretation of the rules is not the "best" for small rural churches.

We are advised to just "go with the flow". That may be the easiest.

Like the salmon?

If they just "go with the flow", though, soon there won't be many salmon!!

"contend earnestly for the faith once (for all) delivered to the saints" -- Jude 3

Somehow 'earnestly contending' sounds a bit different to "go with the flow".

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