We invite others of Fletcher community to share their thoughts and experiences too, of how they have been helped along the Way. I will start.

     Of course there are many, including Sunday School teachers and others. But I will name two: Dr. John A. Hubbard and Rev. Dr. Allen Churchill.
     Dr. Hubbard was one of the instructors at Arizona Bible Institute in 1962. He would say things such as 'when you read in the papers that John Hubbard is dead, don't believe it; I'll be more alive then than now' (at that time I didn't know he was quoting D.L. Moody). Dr. Hubbard had been a student at Moody Bible Institute, had heard Torrey, Sankey, Scofield, and other "greats" of that time period, was in the first "Gospel Wagon" (summer ministry) from Moody Bible Institute, and was in the Quartette that sang at D.L. Moody's funeral. In Dr. Hubbard's classes, he would ask "what do you think ....?" but usually that would be followed by the question "What does the Word say?". Always, the Word is paramount.
     Dr. Churchill (Chatham, 1970's), a scholar of the Word and a preacher of it. Though I wouldn't just accept what he said, yet if it differed from what I believed I'd figure I would need to re-think the topic. Perhaps something like the Bereans who would receive what St. Paul said with open minds and then search the Scripture daily to see whther those things were so.

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